EcoGen 6KW Discontinued

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I am getting ready to potentially purchase a Generac ecogen 6KW (model 5818) for my off-grid place before the winter. I have been watching for a sale to see if I could save a couple hundred bucks, but when I looked online today, several sites sed the manufacturer is discontinuing it. They have a 15KW model, but that is way overkill for my needs. 

I received conflicting information if it really is "end of sale" and there is no replacement, leaving only the 15KW model, or if there is a newer 6KW model coming out in the near future. Has anyone heard of this or have any more info?



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    Lucky you.  I've not heard good things about the ecogen line anyway,    So you are looking for 6Kw autostart ?
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    Mike, The ecogen seemed like a "good" deal and it is quiet. I do need autostart, propane and quiet. Anything comparable for about the same cost that you would recommend and have good experience with? I've also read mixed reviews, but haven't found anything even close to cost comparable, so have been sort of thinking I will just bit the bullet having no good alternatives that I can afford.
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    As far as I know, there are no good alternatives, and the ecogen itself is not a great alternative (try to get one serviced under warranty).   There are quite a few folks who have done a propane conversion of a honda generator, but I believe you void the honda warranty.  A warranty may be offered by the company that does the conversion. 

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    Since it is not available at NAWS. I believe I can offer you this resource:
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