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    You sure are right about the differing  theories Dave, even diversion which works in a small controlled environment but in reality, who knows. Here in northern Thailand the rainy season has intense electrical storms and have had many near strikes, many hitting the 500KV transmission line towers about 500 meters away from my house. Have about 5 months to get something in place, luck has been on my side so far, but I'm not counting on it lasting.

    About the Pine Beetle, lived in Western Montana in the early 80's and the problem was just in its infancy, the cut and burn technique never worked, and now with warmer winters the problem has spread north to where they previously could not survive. Suppose one day the trees they favor will be gone and so will the beetle.

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    Don, my friend here who did the thread and is the OP probably did almost all you can do.  I know we talked about disconnecting and back in this thread are the type of connectors he used. I would do something like that if you are there to do the disconnect. Anything coming in from out side needs 5+ feet of distance between positive, negative, and grounds. I think that is as good as you can get, if your are there!
    If not, and you have to leave the system up, then do as much as Don did. A happy middle is to shut down the inverter and run DC refrigeration or some scheme that you think will work, until it doesn't. They also have weather stations now with lightning detector indication for very little money. An old analog am radio is also excellent with a little training.

    They say our beetle will be gone after 5 years of normal rainfall. Last year was suppose to be El Nino but the southern sierra was below normal again.

    We are having a Thai dinner tomorrow! A Satay with these awesome Thai peppers we grew this year. I am trying to remember the Thai beer.. ah yes Sinha. A bit hard to find in our small town grocery store. Today is gobble gobble day here with the family. All Italians so the Prosecco will be bubbling!  Good Luck on your strategy!
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