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Hi, anyone know how I can factory reset a midnite solar classic Lite since my unit has no front display/control...thank you...please reply to [email protected] and here for fellow users..thanks in advanced..


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    Hi Subzero,  Welcome to the Forum,

    Copied this from the MidNite Solar site:

    "The way to do the hardware version of the factory restore (VMM)is as follows. There are 4 sets of jumpers directly above the blue terminal block. For the purpose of this we will call the left most jumper JP1 and the right most JP4 (actually labeled "Boot")

    • Step 1- Turn the PV and Battery power off to the Classic and remove the front cover
    • Step 2- Locate the 2 jumpers JP1 and BOOT (JP4). Take the actual jumpers and keep them in your hand
    • Step 3- Turn the Battery power on to the classic
    • Step 4- within 1 minute place jumper JP4 on its two pins and then place jumper JP1 on its two pins. at this point the 3 leds on the top of the circuit board should flash back and forth for about 60 seconds.
    • Step 5- After the flashing stops power down the classic and remove JP1 and JP4 and stow them back on a single pin like they where.
    • Step 6- Put the front cover on and power up the Classic Lite. If you have the MNLP set to Custom you will need to go to the local app and reset the battery voltage and setpoints etc".
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    Good Luck,   Vic

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    Midnite video shows where the jumpers are, but refers you to the manual, displays at about 2min 30 secs

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