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After visiting an old engine show, my son mentioned a Delco Lightplant we had seen demonstrated.  This old farm type generator produced 32v DC.  He pointed out the concept of using a 110v, 3600 RPM, AC unit was counterproductive compared to the Delco.  His point: conversion from AC to DC involves power loss as does conversion from 110 to 24 in our case.  He made sense.  We asked around and came up with a 1930 model Delco.  Our setup is dual...12v lighting and 24v through an inverter for everything else.  We added one of the 6v batteries to the 24v charging line from the Delco and voila, we had 30v on the incoming line with separate taps for the outgoing 12 and 24.  Next, we converted the Delco to propane by simply drilling out the jet and putting the propane right into the carb.  It runs fine, uses minuscule fuel and only hits about 1300 rpm.  Does it keep the batteries up?  You bet...and no EMP wories.  Maybe the inverter will fry but the Delco will keep on chuggin'.


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    Sounds like a fun system!

    First question: "with separate taps for the outgoing 12 and 24"--How are you doing this? If you are taking a single 24 volt battery bank and spliting a +12 volt lead from the "middle of the bank"--Highly recommend NOT doing this. It causes the string to become "unbalanced" (the 12 volt section runs "low state of charge" and the high string runs "over charged"--Not good for deep cycle lead acid batteries.

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    Single cylinder Diesel, mechanical fuel injection and a spare diode bridge in the foil wrapper in the parts box.
     the 5Kw alternator head weighs as much as my new 3Kw diesel genset (robin/subaru/hatz) and it handles all the loads I throw at it, the power factor (PF) of big copper is amazing.
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