Los Angeles, new system up six weeks, purring away happily

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Hi all,
my 9kW system in Los Angeles has been up for six weeks now,
Pictures and narrative at
I sized it for A/C but haven't put that in yet... bought a used Nissan Leaf, but even that doesn't make much of a dent in my surplus power.
LADWP puts in smart meters now which count mid-day, morning/evening, and night/weekend separately; I'm about 500 and 400 kWh in the black on the first two, and hovering around zero in the night/weekend category.

I saw a Team San Diego on pvoutput.org, but no Team Los Angeles, so I started one:
If you're in LA, and you share your system output graph on pvoutput, join Team Los Angeles for great justice :-)


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    Hi Dan,

    I saw the pictures of your system on solar panel talk. A very nice install. I hope it gives you many years of service.
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    Yeah your going to enjoy that system, near zero is always great.  IS LADWP as nasty as PG&E?

    We love our system here, went from about a $6000 to $7000 annual bill down to about $600 annually while increasing our load with 2 plug-in cars and a new Air conditioned building.  Damn the gas savings are great too! 

    Now if we could just keep APS at bay from the nasty rate changes they want! ;)

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    LADWP is actually pretty nice, although they seem to have trouble sending out accurate or readable bills.
    They've been doing a good job keeping rates low enough... somehow they didn't get screwed during the
    failed deregulation of the electricity market 15 years ago.
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    I thought LADWP was pulling an "ENRON" on their interconnect partners during the 2000's California "deregulation/re-regulation" fiasco. However, according this this, they did not:


    Although, it did read a little bit like "it was nobodys' fault" justifications that you find in government organizations.

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