Old Table Top Philco radio AC/DC BUT 50 cycles

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I've found a wonderful old tabletop radio made by Philco.  The cabinet is flawless walnut veneer and lacquer is clear and unscratched as crystal.  The cabinet surrounds old tube radio chassis. 

It appears to have come from overseas as the owner was station in Korea during the 1950's and various places in Germany, etc. before retiring.  It's set for 110v AC, but the chassis ID tag is stamped "50 cycles"....   How can I get this to run on American 60 cycle AC?




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    I'd try just plugging it in,   Going from 50 to 60 hz means a bit higher inductance value and maybe a bit lower voltage because of core saturation.  But the problem will be the dried out filter caps which may pop or need to be re-formed with a gradual voltage increase.
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    I would suggest just plugging it in. I used to visit a pulp and papermill in Maine that had 40 cycle power. At one point they supplied the adjoining town all their power before the area got hooked up to the grid. Most standard electrical equipment worked fine expect for appliances with clocks and timers that use the grid frequency.

     I ended up with a couple of Asco solenoids that were custom for the mill and they are stamped 40 cycle.

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    after replacement of the lytics and wax caps just use it.the 50hz transformers are a bit heavier thats all.the 25hz ones weigh a lot more yet.and have bigger caps and chokes.
    and dont just plug it in.restore it first.or find someone local who can.not so easy today.
    i have restored many vintage radio's and tv's.
    often just blindly plugging them in kills the power transformer due to shorted caps.