Was The use of High Frequency Grid inverter with battery back up charger a right choice? Pls help...

I recently installed an 8kw solar grid tie system with a 57,6kwh battery back of 48V for a client in West Africa. It is a 3ph installation. The inverter I used is high frequency 10kw unit that has both grid-feed and battery charging capacity. But my client is unable to use his 2.5hp air condition either during the day or at nights. Other low load appliances work fine but would have worked with just a 2kw installation. So I need help on what to do to help the client. Thanks


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    "unable to use" when off grid or the grid is down, I assume?

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    yes, both when off-grid and when the grid is down which is frequent. The inverter I use is called 
    InfiniSolar 10KW On-grid Inverter with Energy Storage
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    Have you looked into "hard start" kits for the A/C system? Standard A/C systems assume that the "Grid" has very high capabilities for surge current and do to do much to limit starting surge.

    An alternative--Do you have any "mini-split" type A/C systems available (at least they could run a smaller one when the power is down, or run several). Mini-splits tend to use "inverters" internally to run the compressor--These systems have very low surge current (and can be quite efficient too when compared to traditional central air systems).

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     "hard start" kits for the A/C system?"

    Thank you. Any suggestion on reliable types of  "hard start" kits for the A/C system? will be helpful.

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    Hmmm... I may be wrong here suggesting a hard start kit. If the A/C system uses a three phase motor, then a hard start kit will not be used on it (they are only for single phase compressors).

    For a three phase motor/compressor, a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) may be the solution:


    The VFD is a form of AC inverter that varies the output frequency (and power)--It starts the motor turning by running slower than 50 Hz (your line frequency?) then ramps up to full programmed frequency.

    I am not an A/C expert by any means--VFDs can cause other problems with motors (many output "square waves" instead of pure sine wave power)--Which can cause motors to run hotter (your compressor motor needs to be rated "higher" to ensure it does not over heat).

    Can you find somebody locally that has experience with VFDs and A/C systems?

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    I do not "get" why this AC does not work when the grid is up???? It use to correct?
    If you are going thru all of this to be more efficient and the AC is 3 phase,  then you really should just buy a window unit for now and replace the whole forced air cooling with mini-split heat pumps. You will save energy and it will improve your life. As Bill said, find someone local, if you can.  Good Luck and let us know what worked please!
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