Mega power Batteries.

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Does anyone know what kind of battery that might be and would it be good for solar?

MP 12750   12v   75 Ah

Boost / Equalize voltage   14.5V - 15.0V
Float voltage                    13.5V - 13.8V
Max charging amps          22.5A                      
Amp hour                         75Ahr.

It also says.......Valve regulated lead acid rechargeable battery

Dist. by Mega-Power Batteries
Greensville SC

I am wondering if this is just like a regular sealed deep cycle or AGM Battery etc etc.
What would be a average age they could get.
I guess the charging and discharging amps should be about the same? as guide line since it shows only MAX charging current.

I tried to google that MP 12750 battery, but I only get results for a power sonic PS 12750 battery for some reason.

I kinda inherit 10 of those batteries, which 9 of those batteries still showing a voltage of 12.7 to 12. 9 volts sitting here at the house for 2 days now without any charge and without any load........and 1 battery has 8.6 volts which may be a bad battery. 


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