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Not sure if this is the right place for "me" to be posting this, as I am not a professional installer.  Wondering though if there is a online place where I can get a look at article 250 on grounding, 690 on solar, and 694 on small wind without having to purchase the whole 2014 book?  I looked on the NEC connect site, but don't see where I can view those.

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    Not a problem David...

    NEC has a site that will email you (full?) PDF of certain sections, including 250. Just give them your name and email address:

    NFPA has a similar program:

    A decade ago, you could find NEC codes (PDF) online because the government agencies using them had to make them available to the public... A quick look around the web seems that the NEC is enforcing copyrights and the common links that used to work no longer function.

    Check with your local library--They may have a copy available. You can make some quick copies using a digital camera, then look at them at home if you cannot check out a copy.

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    Thanks Bill.  I was on those websites, and have not found what I am looking for yet.  I think I did find 250 on grounding.  I will check at the library. 

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    Its strange, the full text was on for the last year or so, but now its gone. Bills second link does seem to give you free access you just have to sign up.
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    I have no time to search right now, but I think your best bet for finding NEC code on line will be at educational sites, where they are posted with fair use intended...
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    the NFPA is a privately owned company that has copyright on the you will not be able to get it for free

    most states have their own codes that you can get in writing if you ask your local utility,...after all, they are the ones you have to impress if you are going to gridtie

    your insurance company may not know the codes if you are offgrid...they will likely look for the installers electrician licence

    by the by wood4yoda...check your messages
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    Home Depot has basic code info in really nice simple format. The OP here from December probably needs more and I use John Wiles for my business needs.

    I am still laughing at the part in the last post about insurance offgrid.
    We can barely get any insurance because of wild fire danger anywhere in the California Sierra with or without the grid. It will be even worse this summer. Five counties around me have the Ponderosa  bark beetle from the 4 year drought. It is spreading north BTW.
    Best advice is build it to survive a wildfire and then pray!

    In 87 offgrid installations I have only once had anyone ask about an electrician license for new or existing homes. These are almost always far from the big city though. I am sure it can be hell there!  Dealing with Utility problems even worse!
     The last licensed electrician I dealt with had to pay me to correct the mess. My license is long gone after the CE requirements got cumbersome and became a profit center for the California. 

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    gee may have a point.... most of the cali city folk dont want to go to the mountains

    no to take away from the thread, but I have an interesting theory on the drought problem....something everyone has overlooked...very interesting approach to a solution....I'll leave an overview in the general forum later

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    The main problem here now for over a month is the pacific high pressure zone parked of the coast.
     If you can reduce it that would be nice!
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