XW5548 and AGS Setup Questions

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New guy here, although not new to OGL (10 years now).  My old SW5548 bit it this spring, so had a new XW5548 installed.  Admittedly, the installer did not know a lot about XW's, and you do not get a lot of choices here.

My genset uses a 2 wire start system (Generac 15kW).  The AGS was installed, and has been working fine.  A week ago it got cold, and the battery did not have enough in it to start on the first shot.  I believe the AGS did not stop trying to start, and eventually the starter burned out.  My old system would do 2 tries, and then error out and stop. This new AGS does not quite seem as intuitive with 2 wire (no B+), and I want to make darn sure it does not do it again (common to not start all the time in the winter at 30 below).

According to the manual, for this sort of setup, about all I can do is set the Gen Run Hold Time (currently 1.5sec), and the tries (1).  However I have noticed it really does not seem to have any affect. This morning it took 6 seconds for the gen to start (timed it). Ideas on what I am missing?? 

I really do not want to manually run the genny all winter :disappointed:



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    I have a hand crank on my genset, so it is really manual start.  I have the XW6048 & Combox, but never looked into the AGS.
    I make a trip 800' across the creek in the rain to start up and shut down.

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    I have always thought those engines were awesome!!  I know the Generac is not going to be around much longer, no longer made, and hard to get parts for already.  I really should have built a building for the generator to be in long ago, especially in the winters here.  While not quite 800', the trek is about 300', uphill.  It gets nasty in the winter.  Propane also does not really want to start at -30 very well either. :D 

    Unless there is some idea, I have pretty much decided that it will be manual for the winter.  Not the worst thing.  When it gets really cold I will have to drag out the gas backup anyway.  Did I say I need to build a building for it?
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    Watch your "fire hardening" of the generator shack...

    Usually, a shed for the generator, and a separate shed (separated by a defensible space) for solar+batteries.

    Have a way to keep the fuel separate from the genset--Auto shutdown of fuel supply (if hard piped), or fuel stored in a separate building away from generator (or even solar) source of ignition.

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    I have the configuration shown below, and I am adding a Generac 6730  20KW generator.  I would like to have the Xantrex AGS control the generator so that when the batteries reach a certain state of discharge, the generator starts.  Generac is telling me I just have to wait until the backup power fails, and then the generator will come on.  I find it hard to believer with a high end generator there isn't a signal that will tell the generator to turn on.

    Do you know if anyone has mated a Xantrex AGS with a Generac home backup generator?  Is there a way to remote start the generator without waiting for the backup power to fail? Bidah seems to imply there us a 2-wire remote start capability, at least on the 15K Generac.

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    OK.  I think I figured it out.  Most stationary generator manufacturers have a START signal on the generator.  Generac (at least the 6730) does not.  Instead the generator senses loss of grid (LOG) and sends a TRANSFER signal to the Generac transfer switch if you have one, which transfers the load to the generator. (Of course this results in a loss of power to the load for however long the startup takes.:-(   The 6730 senses the grid through two lines (N1, N2) connected to the grid or AC power source.  I figure if I connect N1,N2 to the inverter AC output instead of the grid, and interrupt those lines by using an NC relay, triggered by the Xantrex AGS control box, that will tell the 6730 to start.  My generator connects to the XM6848 (not a Generac transfer switch, see my configuration above) which acts as a transfer switch and will island my system.  Do not connect N1,N2 to the inverter AC without the relay as this would cause the generator to cycle on and off.   You could of course connect N1,2 directly to the grid, but then if you also have solar and battery, your generator would only come on when the grid goes down, despite remaining solar and battery power.

    DO NOT try this without a transfer capability.  Never connect your generator directly to the grid.  Take this advice at your own risk.  Consult a licensed electrician familiar with Solar/Battery/Generator systems on-grid.  Never stand in water or hold wires in your mouth or between your knees while working on electricity.

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    Mikes AGS is the safest.  I have done several insurance claims for fires over the years.  Almost always a generator starting without a soul for miles. I always bill for specific advice except this one is free, do not run a generator without someone home offgrid! 
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