Flexpower one outlets?

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Hello Solar peeps,
Im new to the forum and just had one question. Im sure i will have more later but here goes the first one.
Ive noticed that the Outback Flexpower one has two outlets on the ac box at the top of the device. My question is, do i have to wire the ac out on the flexpower one to get it to work? or can i just use the outlet that is on this device? Any insight will be much appreciated. 
thank you very much,



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    The outlet (I didn't know they had an outlet) is likely fused or has a breaker for less than your inverters complete output.

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    Thanks for the response Photowhit.
    I looked at the manual online and it seems to have a 20A breaker, and the breaker for the ac out is a 60A breaker. seems your info hit it right on the head. thank you very much
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