AC output on wind turbine.

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Hi just wondering what the AC output would be on a AIR X 24V 400W and are they good turbines. I would like to take power straight to a heating tank using the AC if possable and so called "cut out the middle man". Is the rectifier to change to DC in the unit. How long do the turbines last seeing I am looing at 1 on a auction site that is about 10 years old. But still working by the picture showing 3. 8W using a drill. Do knot know how fast drill was going. Thanks in advance


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    Sorry for comenting after me. What are the hornet turbines like and also the i breeze. I have heard that the i breeze is crap. On another note i would like to connect a F Wave 319 V solar panel direct to a seperate element in another tank as reserve or in same tank as the wind turbine. I will weld up my own tank, tanks.
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    I am not a fan of small wind turbines... Small ones do not generate much power, and most need lots of maintenance. Few turbines really live up to their advertised power ratings.

    Add that they need to fly in non-turbulent air, that means a 30-60+ foot tower (no up wind trees/buildings/etc.) minimum to get above turbulent airflow.

    Turbines fly in sun/wind/rain/snow/ice--Very difficult conditions for any electro-mechanical system.

    If you are mechanically inclined (and have the room for 60+ foot tower) and can build/erect a larger DIY wind turbine--Those are one of the few alternative energy devices where do it yourself products can be better than anything you purchase--Plus you know how to fix them.

    My personal suggestion is to install a large solar array, have a backup genset, and get the off grid power system stable. At that point, if you want to try and install a wind turbine (and some excess time+money+land)--Why not.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Wind turbines have "Wild AC" meaning in a slow wind, you get 3 phase, 30Hz power, and in high wind, you get 500Hz.
    The voltage also changes with the speed of the wind too
     It has to be rectified and regulated to charge batteries with.
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    Ok thanks for the info. So is there any way that I can connect straight to a element with AC. If the AC volts go up and down that should not effect the element but changing from too 3phase Hmmmm
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    Bill point taken about the problems. I like seeing how things work and in general just stuffing around. I am curious and am not expecting much but would lie to see what it will put out at about 10M high
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    Is a 10yr old turbine going to be working.?. Are wind X Ok
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