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I saw an interesting product at the intersolar show this year. The R-Volt, Basically a PV panel with an air box beneath to draw heat off the surface which cools the panel and helps heat the house in the winter... Cool Idea, I was thinking of something like this to feed the warmed air into the evaporator box on my roof mounted Packaged Heat pumps...



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    Thanks ! Nice. Much nicer if it was in a yard on a pergola instead of holes in the roof of a house.
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    Yeah that design won't go far. Its been done before. The heating efficiency for the home is lacking......Significantly..... It will also draw in humidity without a dehumdifying filter system, during the winter. Its escalated costs, with no significant return, initial production costs are higher.
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    So you don't have any in return profit ?
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    tupule wrote: »
    So you don't have any in return profit ?

    Basically.... It will eat up the 30% tax credit, so the 30% means nothing.

    It drifts further away from grid parity rather than bringing it closer.

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    Has this concept been applied to water heating/solar panel cooling? Heating water will be much more effective as far as heat transfer, but maybe more difficult? Combine this with absorptive refrigeration - might be the "two birds with one stone" solution to true air conditioning??
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    Sundrum, I think, is still around:

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