Help with Inverter system for off grid / solar with Tesla Model S battery modules?

The modules are ~18V-~25V so not direct match for lead acid.
We can handle cell balancing with built in BMS or another BMS.
But we'd like an inverter that can properly handle charging/discharging them.
Charing is super easy. CC/CV.

We can run the modules in series to get different voltages;

e.g. we can use:

17.4 min voltage, 24.9 max voltage

34.8 min voltage, 49.8 max voltage

52.2 min voltage, 74.7 max voltage

69.6 min voltage, 99.6 max voltage

It would be ideal to be able to adjust min and max voltage, and perhaps max charging current.

Also needs to have lithium ion charging profile, which is super simple - CC/CV. Just don't want to charge them like lead acid.

Voltages are a bit flexible...


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    Is this going to be a "one off" system, or are the Tesla packs going to be commercially available?

    If there are sufficient numbers of battery packs avaiable (at the right price), I would suggest calling somebody in the US Like Magnum or Exeltech and see if they could run a few off for proof of concept testing.

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    Could you point (Link) to a source for this wide voltage range, most of what I've read has a pretty narrow range for lithium chemistries.
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