Inverter Energy Usage from Grid

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Suppose you have designed a system which is intended to prioritize energy generated from solar and stored in batteries to supply the local load. You also wish to sell to the grid when PV power is greater than load and batteries have already been charged.
You only want to import from the grid after the batteries have discharged and there is no PV.

I am aware that for inverters to remain grid connected it is inherent that this requires some energy consumption from the grid.

Obviously, for the designed system it would be preferable to select inverters that use minimal energy from the grid.

I have read from the Schneider Conext XW+ manual that it will use 2 - 3 kWh/day to remain grid connected.

Does anyone know energy usage of other inverters to remain grid connected?


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    Here is some info that may help you. I am not sure the XW do what you want.
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    Hi gbaig,

    I can't speak for the Xantrex, but the Outback Radian has a "grid zero" mode that I believe will do what you want. This is done by a setting in the Mate 3. Set the amount of AC amps you want the inverter to supply to the loads and grid supplies the required amperage above that. Note that in grid zero mode at least 1 amp will be supplied from the grid no matter what the setting.
    Check it out here:
    Read up on Outback grid zero mode here:
    and take the time explore and understand your options before you buy anything.

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    Hi i haver the 6048xw and there is always a grid consumption :(
    Workaround 1 was to have an external relay controlled by the xw itself ( to messy)
    Workaround 2 (in my case that don't want to sell to grid only want grid as backup )
    I set to sell to grid a maximum of 0.1 amp so I almost get zero grid consumption 99.9% of time .
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