Old posts deleted ? Were did I go ?

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Well, still getting used to this new format, one question though, were did I go ? :p

My thread on the solar powered shed is gone. Checked all 20 pages of history. . . am I missing something, or was I dropped ? :cry:

I haven't given up on the project, just waiting for spring ..

Even went into my settings too check on my "all my posts" - and it's gone.
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Google "undergroundandlovinit" no spaces.


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    I tried a few searches via Google and didn't find anything either.
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    I replied in the other thread for the starting threads I could find.

    Skippy, if you know more of the key words/phrases, you can use Google Search to find the posts. Something like:

    site:Solar-Electric.com Skippy solar powered shed

    For some reason, the + and - Google tags are not working correctly at the moment (sees it as a "plus sign", not as "must include" in search results).

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    That is basically the Google query I used, with nothing promising. I think "must include" words need to be included in quotes.
    4.5 kw APC UPS powered by a Prius, 12 kw Generac, Honda EU3000is