what if I connect a battery bank to my grid tie inverter Instead of solar panels?



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    Depends on what the manuals for the gear, allows.  
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    Not really sure what you mean by that. I guess I agree. Using the GTIL2, During the day when consumption is fully covered by the pv panels directly, the excess pv power is saved in a battery. This saved power can be used throughout the day whenever there’s not enough available pv power to fully supply all of the consumption. The excess power needed above what the pv can supply (due to clouds or whatever) is used from the saved battery power. And since the GTIL2 is a GTI, the grid can supply the rest of the remaining load if the pv and save do battery power isn’t enough, or if the consumption is over the inverters max output capacity 
    I have exactly the same install in my mind. Could you share the connection scheme?
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