Small Scale Photovoltaics Project

I apologize for doing it, but I'm mostly posting to get people to take a quick survey. I am an electrical engineering student heading towards the sustainable development industry and need to do a marketing survey. Anyways, the survey results will affect the design for things I'm actually going to build and present to some industry folks. Posted opinions on either photovoltaics or solid state lighting are also appreciated. Nonetheless, I'd really appreciate you taking the survey. It's like ten minutes and it'll give me nice data tables and bar graphs to put on my design interim presentation. Thanks.


this post has been edited by me due to the fact another exact survey exists at this posting:
although it is not presently violating the rules, i don't see the need for 2 identical surveys emanating from the same area of the state of pa. from 2 individuals with similar usernames and i don't believe in coincidences here. 2 duplicate surveys posted by jmt209 have already been deleted for having duplicates will not help your cause for inquiry any better. if you want to temporarilly have us sticky the survey, then request it. this does not mean we will do this for any and all surveys, but littering the forum with the same survey is being frowned upon by us.
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