pvp 5200

The PVP 5200 is rated to have a maximum AC output of 5200W. Does that mean it will cap the output to 5200 or will it be small percent of ranges that it can allow for?

From the pvp string sizing tool:

3 String STC Watts PTC Watts CEC Watts Max Voc Max Vmp Min Vm Max Imp
7 4620 Watts 4267 Watts 4096 Watts 359 Volts 280 Volts 243 Volts 16.5 Amps
8 5280 Watts 4876 Watts 4681 Watts 410 Volts 320 Volts 278 Volts 16.5 Amps
9 5940 Watts 5486 Watts 5266 Watts 461 Volts 360 Volts 313 Volts 16.5 Amps

So, if I was to go for 3 strings of 9, the CEC W would exceed 5200. So, will 66 Watts be lost?


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    Re: pvp 5200

    what that means is that it's designed for a max of 5200w continuously, but it can on a temporary surge go a bit higher. looking at the continuous ac voltage and the continuous ac amps being multiplied together provides a figure much higher than 5200w so that means you can't run the max ac voltage with the max ac current continuously. all good inverters have a peak power they can go to over their standard continuous rating. if the 66 extra watts would rarely be there due to solar conditions, angles, and other losses like wire resistances, but if present during a temp surge it will be used by the inverter. if the extra 66w is present all of the time it could be wasted if the inverter has overload circuitry. i see nothing in the inverter that would stop you from overloading the inverter continuously so your question should possibly be directed to the manufacturer of the inverter to verify if that arrangement is suitable to the inverter's operation. i lean not suitable, but they can say for sure.
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    Re: pvp 5200

    It depends on how close to "ideal" your location is. Panel tilt, panel angle. What your location is, in other words, how often/long will your panels be pumping out power that is over the limit? My example, with panels oriented the way they are, there are only about 3 weeks (summer solstice) where they come even close to fully loading my GT 3.8. The rest of the year, I'm below the limit. I have 4.5 STC worth of panels installed, and loose a fair amount 'cause of bad angles, but it's a bit more than I expected to loose. Add a layer of dirt after the first year, and I'd go for the full array, and let the inverter sort out the occasional overage. (PS - and get the extended warrenty !)
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