Is the wind power generation is reliable, need information

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I have a chance to visit California with family for holiday and to see all the attractions and theme parks. We had very good time in San Francisco especially the people of California are very nice.
One of the attraction which draw our intention while we driving on highway i-5 I have noticed so many wind power generation on the top of the mountain I think they are around 500 to 600 of the wind power generation. The question what are these for? Do they really deliver electricity in mega watts? Do they produce power for houses? I do not have any idea about the wind power generation. Could anybody explain to me little information regarding the wind power generation.
I have started experimenting last year using solar panel to start a regular fan but it works only for half an hours and dies again. I have used almost 45 watts of solar panel and 100 amp car battery for storage. Do you think these power wind generation are reliable I know they costly but do not have any clue whether power wind generation will start two or three fans.

I appreciate your help.


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    Re: Is the wind power generation is reliable, need information

    The large utility wind farms are feasable in extremely windy areas. Here's a Wiki article on several in Calif. (580/5)

    Home scale wind, is generally not. Unless you have good wind, on a ridge, or canyon, and the trees have a "curve" in the tops from the wind, you will not generate much.
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    Re: Is the wind power generation is reliable, need information

    In addition to what Mike says, another reason small scale wind is not very feasible is the reliability of the mechanical hardware. You have lots of moving parts, constantly in motion, often under less than ideal conditions, (high speed, wet, dry, ice, lightning etc) that contribute to a huge number of failures. Couple that with having to lower the hardware from a dangerous height to work on it makes it very un-feasible.

    Large scale wind works because of the scale. Blades turn slower, bearings are bigger, service can take place without lowering the hardware etc.

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    Re: Is the wind power generation is reliable, need information

    Plus they still have mechanical problems as well, some of the biggest promoters of large scale wind are oil companies with new products to reduce failures in gear boxes which seem to be an achillies heel even today !
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