Lightning Strikes

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Apparently there is a huge database of storm radar data, and lightning strike data, this link is about how it was correlated together in a report. I suppose, since it's paid and maintained with taxpayer $, there should be a way for us mere citizens to access this data ?

This report concerns a fatality, and apparently they write up one for each fatality.

Bear Basin Lightning Fatality of 03 July 2008:
Lightning fatality of a 16 year old riding a mountain bike in the
Wet Mountain in Custer County, Colorado
Stephen Hodanish
National Weather Service
Pueblo, Colorado
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    Re: Lightning Strikes

    wow, conclusion is......basically there is no safe place to be ... why it hit him instead of his riding aates..??


    ps makes me worried about riding a quad during unsettled weather that we get here regularly...
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    Re: Lightning Strikes

    interesting stuff. i was noting the poles with wires nearby and of course seeing the signs which are all grounded metal objects of equal or higher heights than the riders would've been, not to mention the wet grounds and buildings that are higher up, and yet this guy was struck. the tires would not have had insulating qualities at the time due to the tires being wet, but still would not have been a real good path to ground and not much different than all the other wet surroundings.
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