Watt meter install?

I have the source to the battery and the load to the charge controller, but I'm not getting a amp reading from the panel to the meter. How do I wire it to get the amp reading? . The way everyone else set it up it seemed that from battery to charge controller it would gather all the other reading.


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    Re: Watt meter install?

    It's a WATT meter , & for amps your missing parts for the shunt .
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    Re: Watt meter install?

    Can you tell us more about the meter (brand/model, picture of the back, etc.)?

    If it is similar to Doc Watson, you can read about connecting them here:


    The meter could either require the full current to pass through it (shunt internal to meter), or it could require an external shunt to measure the current, and a couple small wires from the shunt to the meter (meter measures 10's of milli-Volts of drop across the shunt).

    Remember that you need a "load" to draw current from the solar panels/array (charge controller with a battery needing charging, etc.). If there is no "load", there is no current flow.

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    Re: Watt meter install?

    I had the load on the wrong side reading battery voltage only. Reversed wiring to the battery charging configuration and vuala.
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