Theoretical problem regarding Tandem Cells

Hey folks, first time posting here. My knowledge in tandem (multijunctional) solar cells is limited, so I thought I'd seek online help to answer this problem. I'd appreciate any help I can get here. :)

I tried understanding and doing this on my own by reading places like these , but I failed miserably :(

Calculate the theoretical maximum efficiency of a tandem solar cell with a) 1-stack, b) 2-stack, c) 3-stack, and d) 5-stack structures with the following assumptions:-

1)Perfect “rectangular” band-pass absorber for each sub-cell;
2)100% quantum efficiency of charge generation by each sub-cell;
3)V_oc for each subcell = 80% of the energy of the least energetic photons absorbed by each subcell;
4)Fill Factor for each cell is 80%;
5)Use AM1.5 global spectrum from 350nm to 1400nm.
6)Perfect interconnects – no optical and electrical loss

Also, can someone please explain to me what "stack" here means? Is one stack a pair of subcells?


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    Does the lack of visible response here mean that no one has been able to help clarify the answer to this question?
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    Most of us here are "end users" of solar/on grid/off grid power systems. A few here design hardware. Nobody here designs solar cells/panels (that I know off).

    Both of you appears to be from University of Rochester (New York). Is this for a solar panel/physics class?

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    I stopped doing homework in the mid 70's 
     instruction #6 makes the entire lesson worthless, and the instructor should have their tongue wired to a 9v battery.
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