washing machine compatable with solar system?

Can anyone that has a washing machine on a small solar system tell me what washer you have? We have 2,125watt panels, a 1500 watt inverter. Most washer I find have too haigh a wattage. Also, are you using a capacitor?


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    Re: washing machine compatable with solar system?

    I think most front loading washing machines will run on that, I regularly run my small, I think Whirlpool? front loader, maybe 15 years old so not the most efficient on my 1800 watt inverter, with a low peak of 2900 watts. and I do it with the A/C running(440watt window) and fridge running. I think I've even done it with the 900watt water heater(no A/C) running...

    Front loaders tend to be easier to turn, so there isn't as large a motor or as difficult to start moving.

    My inverter is a 1800 watt Prosine, pure sine wave, modified sine wave inverters are harder on motors.
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    Re: washing machine compatable with solar system?

    I've been using a smaller Sears front load for about 5 years now. Inverter driven motor starts slowly at very low power and gradually ramps up. Greatest consumption is about 500 watts once speed builds up in spin cycle. I've run it on a 300 watt sure sine, worked until speed begins to build up in spin cycle, then it becomes too much for the 300 watt inverter. Run it on a Pure Sine 1000 watt inverter and no, I do not add any capacitors, in this case caps only make things worse.
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    Re: washing machine compatable with solar system?

    Yeah you want something with a direct drive motor. Another example is Fisher and Paykel 'smart drive'.

    See http://forum.solar-electric.com/showthread.php?23124-Direct-drive-washing-machine-power-consumption
    adn more generally: https://www.google.co.nz/?gws_rd=ssl#q=site:forum.solar-electric.com+washing+machine
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    Re: washing machine compatable with solar system?

    Thread on washing machines: http://forum.solar-electric.com/showthread.php?18670-Washing-Machine-thread
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