Inverters audio noise level question

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A work associate had their motor home equipped with a Victron Energy Phoenix Multi Plus 12Volt / 3000 VA inverter.

He claims there is raspy 120 Hz buzz that is loud enough to disturb normal conversion five feet away from unit.

I recommended he look into an Outback or Magnum inverter/charger.

Can any of you familiar with Outback FX or Magnum units comment on how quiet they are (or are not)?



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    Re: Inverters audio noise level question

    The noisiest part of my Outback is those occasions when the cooling fan comes on. Really the refrigerator is louder.

    So far makers don't feel it necessary to include a sound level rating of their equipment (unlike with generators).

    Sounds like he has a bad inverter with loose transformer windings.
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