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    Re: My battery soc

    I haven't got to watch as close as I like the last few days but have realized one thing. Per the trimetric, my night time loads seem to be, at a low, between 180 to 190 amps taken from the battery. This is from when the sun quits providing enough to beat the loads, till the sun comes up and starts producing. This is wheather I am home or gone and would probly go up but I doubt would go down. When the wife gets back and we use a bit more or it gets colder and the furnace runs longer it may need to be reassessed, this is still do-able most times and still able to get recharged.

    I don't know how low this really is as at 330 amps from the battery puts the low cell at 80% discharge. I am still hoping that will be improved a bit as the battery gets more cycles on it, as 640 amps would be what I would expect. 640 might be too much to expect as the first 300 amps taken is done at a higher voltage so adds up to more watts per amp. I wonder how too really count what amps used means on an 800 ah battery?
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