"Lead Crystal" batteries.

CALLDCALLD Solar Expert Posts: 230 ✭✭
I live in South Africa where Lead Crystal seems to be all the hype lately, seen a hell of a lot of the advertising, pricing seems to be about 50 to 100% higher than conventional deep cycle batteries, but the claims make these batteries seem like the wet-dream of every off-gridder on the planet! I've had many sleepless nights wondering on what to get for my next set of batteries, keen to avoid ever making the mistake of getting the sort of cheap stuff I'm currently stuck with again.

Only problem is, take away all the hype, advertising, very limited independent test data available on the net and my excitement begins to fade a bit. Why aren't people in the states and many other developed countries raving about them? Surely that's where all the proof-in-the-pudding should be? Why is it only here and in Asia?

I've heard people talk about them being flimsy when it comes to tolerating impact, but cast that aside surely if that is the only issue one can safely assume that in a stationary application like solar they would be absolutely fine?





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