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    Hi Dave
    I'm located in Prince Edward County Ontario.  If you look at a map showing Lake Ontario...PEC is the blob sticking down from the north shore on it's eastern half.  When conditions are just right you can see New York State from our southernmost shores.  Skies clear, no big waves,  and be over 6 feet tall.

    I'm just in the process of ground mounting the condenser unit for my Mitsubishi mini-split.  It's presently hung from the basement block wall.  When it's working hard (heating in -10C  or lower) the vibration makes for waking up noise levels transmitted throughout the house.  Not noticable during waking hours, but not good for sleeping.  The rubber washers were as hard as wood after 9 years.  A little steel,  some welding, a little rock and a compactor and I'm ready to a bit.  The ground is still frozen under the condenser unit.

    I always look forward to your posts.  Sounds like you're the guy to go to on-line or in the Sierras.


    10kw microFit feed in, grid tied but not net-tied, one meter for revenue and another for house service.  Local utilty said 10kw per connection point when going back to the grid in 2010.  Paid 80.2 cents per brainer!
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    A few folks I know told me about problems they had with snow, and blowing snow. It is really important to keep the area in front of the outdoor unit clear of snow. One can also cover the outdoor with a box to keep it from blowing inside.

    It is not a problem to get snow inside as it is designed for outdoor ratings all over the world. The problem is if the sun comes out and you turn the unit on and the fan has frozen to the frame. Most units will not even try and start and will send a warning, but some do!
     Not Good !!!

    This can be avoided by using a thin stick to verify the fan can turn through its rotation. Picture below of the best tool to have ;)

    I do about 5-8 installs per year and use these on everyone.
    Gets the units above the highest expected snow level. I like the larger size for all units, gives me easier access to the condenser coil for cleaning.
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    Good advice lucman2 ! Thx !   We rarely get more than 8 inches of snow at a time in the southern sierra. Up north of us it is very different. I like your idea also of getting it higher as the standard line-set will give you more options for where to mount the indoor unit.
    Many of us offgrid are so remote, there is not have access to a pro. I help my clients do the install. A standard line set makes it easier as the refrigerant amount does not have to be adjusted. 

    Now I remember where Ralph. The ground mount is extremely quiet. When we installed the Sanyo in 2007, my wife said the outdoor unit was not working when we first powered up. She was 10 feet away. I could feel the cool air coming out on the indoor. They are that quiet! Our old window unit was so loud a Bear or Firetruck could be in the yard and we would not know it.
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