Selection of SPD for 1MW grid tied solar

Hi all,
we are in a process of developing a 1MW grid tied outdoor solar inverter.
output voltage will be 400 Vac . Input will vary from 550-900 Vdc.

Please let me know what kind of SPD should be placed in DC and AC sides with their rating .
let me know what rating of SPD to be used.

I have attached the single line diagram of system also.



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    Re: Selection of SPD for 1MW grid tied solar

    Not really a question for a forum, ask your engineer! Are you independent or is this for an electric company? We mostly deal with home systems.
    Home system 4000 watt (Evergreen) array standing, with 2 Midnite Classic Lites,  Midnite E-panel, Prosine 1800 and Exeltech 1100, 660 ah 24v ForkLift battery. Off grid for @16 of last 17 years. Assorted other systems, and to many panels in the closet to not do
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    Re: Selection of SPD for 1MW grid tied solar

    A system that size requires a licensed electrical engineer. He should be advising you on these matters.
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