Equal lengths of wire ?


Must the positive and negative wiring be of equal length for a circuit? Reason I ask is the connection from my buss bar negative is going to be 12" longer than the buss bar positive. If this is a problem, would I be better served finding a place to have the extra 12" of positive in order to make the circuits equal length? Voltage is 13.2, amperage load is 60, 4/0 gauge wire running 90 feet. Thanks.


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    Re: Equal lengths of wire ?

    No, the wires do not have to be of equal length.

    That matters when a circuit is branched in parallel as in connecting two battery strings; you are trying to keep the resistance in the two parallel lines equal so that they will share current evenly.

    Otherwise it is merely a loop and the current is even throughout: it does not matter where in the loop the power source or load demand is located.
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    Re: Equal lengths of wire ?

    Many thanks, Cariboocoot
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