US BAttery promo video, A few comparative numbers vs Trojan

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a short sales pitch about their batteries and some interesting numbers about their true deep cycle and then their RV deep cycle, at least that is what is displayed in the video.

Function ........................................ USB ................... Trojan

Cycles to Rated Capacity, DEEP Cycle ...... 25 ....... 125

Initial Capacity Reg Deep cycle ......... 112 minutes .......... 85 minutes
Cycle Life Reg deep cycle ....,.......... 900 .............. 640
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    Re: US BAttery promo video, A few comparative numbers vs Trojan

    Thanks for the link! I continue to be impressed by the way US battery does business. They respond to e-mail daily and I think their triple cap removal system is the best.
    Probably the one thing that people do not know is that when you order their 1100 AH (20HR) battery they are built to your order and that can add a month on to actually getting a battery. I like this as I know quality is baked in at the factory and not determined by a 16 year old kid at a dealer.

    Dealers are not filling the US 1100AH battery and I like knowing that my customer does not have to worry about date codes and dealer tricks or what I will call shenanigans.

    The Surrette equivalent of this battery got pretty bad for me! The final straw for me was 2 different clients with batteries without a date code stamp. It will take a long time for me to go back to Surrette and I do wish them well. Their one fill cap 1100AH battery was the best in this size.

    The Trojan 1100AH is very similar to the US battery and the easy triple cap system that US Battery makes will fit on a Trojan BTW.
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    Re: US BAttery promo video, A few comparative numbers vs Trojan

    Hi Dave,

    Sorry to hear that Surrette has disappointed you.

    Agree about trying to avoid having a battery dealer in the middle of a battery purchase.

    All of the Surrette banks here, and those of a neighbor were drop-shipped directly from Surrette. Would not have it any other way.
    So far all of the 5000 series (4KS25s) batteries have been doing fine -- in their ninth year. One S-530, also in year 9 appears to be getting lazy. But still, not bad for L-16s.

    It is not clear to me which manufacturer would choose, when any of these batteries will need replacing ... had felt that Surrette would be tops on that list. But, if one cannot get drop-ships from them, may need to look elsewhere.

    BTW, Surrette has said that dealer stock shipments are shipped wet -- too tedious for dealers to fill and Activate dry batteries. Believe that dry batteries from Surrette are a special case. I did have one Warranty replacement cell sent dry, directly from Surrette, however.
    FWIW, Vic
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