Solar PV + Storage = The Next Big Thing

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feature-0-1382628981675.jpg The recent announcement by Standard Solar and Solar Grid Storage of the completion of one of the first commercial-scale microgrids couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. It was just one year ago this week that Hurricane Sandy struck, wreaking havoc across 24 states and leaving widespread power outages in her wake — an occurrence that Standard Solar CEO Tony Clifford cites as one of the reasons why microgrids are dominating discussion among solar industry experts today.



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    Once you have a hurricane, most of the grid is in such bad shape (lines on the ground, etc) that you wouldn't want to power it up. There is also a huge cost issue with storage for more than short periods. It's hard to beat a small generator at each building for disaster power.

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    Drove through Port St Joe - Mexico beach area last month - I doubt pv panels and racking would fare well in that storm either.

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