48V battery bank help

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    Re: 48V battery bank help

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    Your wiring is not optimal and will lead to charge imbalance in the batteries. You need bus bars.
    Look at method #3 on this page: http://www.smartgauge.co.uk/batt_con.html

    Also, you should read more about parallel batteries and buy a DC current clamp meter:

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    Re: 48V battery bank help

    It should look more like this (at least electrically).
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    Re: 48V battery bank help

    It will be a little bit less messier if you orient all the batteries in the same direction.
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    Re: 48V battery bank help

    With 3 or more strings, I would highly suggest a series fuse or breaker per string. Like these Bluesea fuse holders (fuses extra) at a minimum (breakers are very nice because you can turn of power for servicing--but even more expensive):
    Attachment not found.Attachment not found.

    I would suggest that each string's wiring+fuse be rated for 100% of your expected maximum sustained current (note: actually 1.25*100% or 125% of maximum load--NEC derating for wiring and protective devices).

    If you go with 4 or more parallel strings, You may get away with 50% of maximum bank rated current wiring (and fusing).

    Also--Each cable that leaves the bus bar should have (for safety) a fuse or breaker to protect down stream wiring in the case of a fault/short down stream. Lead Acid batteries can output 100's to 10,000's of Amperes into a dead short.

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