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    Re: Daily Load Estimate from Energy Star label
    Thanks for the tip. I have been down on my hands and knees and don't see a drain hole but I will look again. BTW I found that strange as well.

    Well i got it fixed, I physically can't be on these bad knees for more than a few minutes, sucks to get old. It was just as this video showed except for the ice-maker. The repair guys were working on it for about an hour till they got it cleared using hot water in a weed sprayer, a wet dry vac and a piece of tubing fished into the drain line. According to them this model does this quite a bit and the drain has a trap in it to prevent hot air from entering. That is what causes the problem, probably too close to the freezer section. Even they struggled to get it apart, that design leaves lots to be desired if it needs servicing. The top tray was tough to get out, then pulling the door slides completely out. At least they warrantied the work for 90 days.

    If it happens again I might attempt it myself, now knowing where all the gotchas are, if SWMBO lends a hand. I actually see that adding a 3 X 6 inch access port to the back panel to get access to the drain port might be a good servicing option. I think it would work, that would reduce the needed tear down if it was removable while the fridge was fully assembled.
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    Re: Daily Load Estimate from Energy Star label
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    Don't know. Slowly the compessor ran longer and longer and eventually the freeze would defrost.

    Happened to two different units after about 2-3 years. Lots of online complaints about the same thing happening.

    Low end units not worth fixing. As we were looking for replacement, other Customer in the store with same problems.


    I wanted to follow up here. I have seen two recent (less than 10 year old) Frigidaire refrigerators come through the waste stream in the past week with freon leaks. So it appears your observations are correct. I wanted to add that both of these units have the static cooled condenser on the back. I have not observed this yet with the fan cooled condenser models.
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    Re: Daily Load Estimate from Energy Star label
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    OK, got my last set of readings for a Whirlpool 20 cuft upright frost free freezer:

    whirlpool ev201nztq basic model (no water) upright frost free freezer. In ~70F shed with free air curculation around sides. Probably only opened about 5 times in the last 48 hours. Set for 0F to -10F. Pretty full, but not over full.

    Energy Star Rated 671 kWH per year:


    3.95 kWH over 47.39 hours = 2 kWH per day = 730 kWH per year

    730 / 671 = 1.09 = ~9% more power than tag.


    Might at well "update" this review (I think I posted similar information elsewhere on the forum)--The freezer was/is working fine, but a few months ago, the evaporator (inside the freezer cooling coil) iced up. Turned out it was the (very simple mechanical) defrost timer that failed.

    Repair guy (under waranty) used one of those "steam cleaners" for cleaning around the kitchen and bath you see on late night tv ads for--To defrost the evaporator. And he quickly replace the defrost timer on the back lower rear corner of the freezer.

    Has been working fine since--But recent reviews seem to indicate this is a pretty common problem....

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