12 Misleading Myths About Solar Power

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Solar energy is a dynamic and continuous energy source that many believe will one day provide most of our energy needs. Unfortunately, conventional energy industries like big oil have giant backers with deep pockets and have successfully leveraged their money to smear renewable technologies. Their main target seems to be solar. It’s important to know [...]The post 12 Misleading Myths About Solar Power appeared first on Solar Feeds.

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  • bmet
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    Re: 12 Misleading Myths About Solar Power

    The author is not necessarily using proper comparisons for the points made. For example, there is no comparison between the computer industry and solar industry. Solar advancements move at a snail's pace compared to processor innovations which makes gigantic leaps on the order of every 6 months. This is apples-to-oranges, and the point falls on its face.
  • Cariboocoot
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    Re: 12 Misleading Myths About Solar Power

    Well "misleading myths" is redundant so don't expect much quality writing from the rest of the article.