Steca PR3030 Charge Controller Problem

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I recently upgraded my system by adding two simmilar solar panels. Now four panels connected in parallel are as follows:

150Watts, Voc 24,6v; Vmp 19.8v; Imp 7.59a

150Watts, Voc 24,6v; Vmp 19.8v; Imp 7.59a

100Watts, Voc 21.3v; Vmp 17.0v; Imp 5.88a

050Watts, Voc 21.3v; Vmp 17.0v; Imp 3.00a

When they are connected in parellel, the max Vmp I have seen is 18.5v, Imp is around 20s.

They are connected to a Steca PR3030 controller. I haven't upgraded my battery bank as yet.. It is still a single 12V 105ah.

The problem is my controller shows an error code E08 which means, as stated in their manual, battery overvoltage (>15.5V). Shouldn't the controller see to it that the voltage is not beyond the maximum allowed. The controller also shows that no-more current is flowing into the battery but yet my Victron Battery Monitor says otherwise.

Can a damaged battery confuses a charge controller (seems the battery's capacity has diminished)? Or is it a matter of a broken controller?

I was going to invest into an MPPT controller sometime later in the year, for now I wanted to add 400ah of 12V batteries before February but now i would like to know if i have a broken controller or maybe it doesn't like the PV Vmp of 18.5v.

In their manual they state that the maximum input voltage is 43V. The controller shows the error when voltage exceeds 15.5V. There is no other charging source to my battery. The same charge controller can charge a 24V battery.



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    Re: Steca PR3030 Charge Controller Problem

    Seems odd, did you connect your battery first? Then the panels? I am unfamiliar with your CC but that is the 'normal' process. If connected panels first, it may have pulled the code/error and won't clear until you disconnect and reconnect battery first. If this is connected with breakers, just flip them both off, wait a little bit and reconnect battery first.
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    Re: Steca PR3030 Charge Controller Problem

    if what photowhit recommended does not work, then can you verify with a dmm or dvm that the voltage is in fact going high on the batteries? also, check the at rest battery voltage (no power into or out of the batteries for at least 3 hours r so.) to see if there may be a problem there with the batteries.

    i also must say that is quite a bit of current for that much battery capacity. some batteries cannot take that much current so please check with the battery manufacturer on that.
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