PV and combiner switch

what about this. I have a new heavy duty marine battery selector switch.these are the big red switches with batt. 1,batt.2,all, and off. wouldnt this work well between the PV and the charge controller as both a combiner and disconnect? these are rated 48volts up to 350 amps.


  • System2
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    Re: PV and combiner switch

    First thoughts, without actually seeing the switch, or your project, proposed or already installled - - -
    1) You would still need fuses.
    2) If you have insurance, how would a non-listed switch affect it in the event of a claim?
  • niel
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    Re: PV and combiner switch

    as a disconnect it would work, but it may be overkill in some circumstances. as a combiner it can accomodate 2 strings up to its voltage rating and i'm sure they won't be anywhere near the current rating of that switch. fuses, as was stated, will still be needed.