Welders arternative to plug in and perhaps stand alone welders

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I have a friend who made me look like a terrible waster of electric, he's a logger and lives/sleeps mostly where his job is. has a camper with a single 55watt panel, (now 2) and a car battery that wouldn't work in a car(when I met him, he now uses my batteries when I'm done with them!)

He had needs for a welder from time to time and asked me if I could search for info on this "underhood" welder he had heard of. I ended up buying one on line for him and he's used it sporaticly for 5-7 years (I really can't recall when we did this) I had mentioned it before on the form and he came by to trim up a tree for me and I asked him about it, he says it will weld 1/2" steel plate with no problem, I guess this is pretty impressive by how he spoke of it, I'm no welder, he has a very minimal system (100 amps? and they go to 200amps)

It works by replacing your truck altinater with a high amperage altinator and it has a controller. I don't think it was terribly exspensive. He has his mounted but only puts the belt on it when he wants to weld, I think he used a air conditioner bracket he wasn't using. Any who here's a link.

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