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After a bout with kidney stones (don't wish them on my worst enemy) my solar system is finally up and charging. I bought the Midnite Lite version from this site and all seems good. I have a voltage reading on my inverter to give me an idea of battery volts without having to break out the volt meter but now I am looking into using the control dashboard. I set up the system for now using the dip switches. No being a computer person and after reading the owners' manual, is there a way just to hook up the Lite with just the software and a laptop direct using no router? Can I just plug it into the ethernet connection straight to my computer and run the local app software? My router is located on the other side of the house and would not be an easy job. In the near future I plan to use a "bridge" between the router and the Lite but for now was looking for an easier way. Excuse me if this is a stupid question but computer linking and such is a mystery to me.


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    Re: Midnite Lite Dashboard

    Yes, I don't think there is a problem doing it that way, I think you have to reset the DIP swtiches to address via the ethernet, but you might be able to monitor without changing them.

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    Re: Midnite Lite Dashboard

    you might want to double check me on this, but i believe it has to be a crossed ethernet connection to do a direct connect to a computer.