24 volt battery bank????

I just cant get my head around this.
say you have two 200 amp/hour 12 volt batteries.
you wire them in series and get 24 volts at 200 amp/hours.
now you wire them in parallel and get 12 volts a 400 amp/hours.isnt this a better deal? I thought it was amp/hours you're after.
so whats the benefit of a 24 volt bank other than being able to use smaller wire?


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    Re: 24 volt battery bank????

    It's KW hours (Watt Hours) Electrical power is a combination of Volts and Amps = watts That's why the electric company has a Watt meter and bills you in Killowatt Hours.

    24V @ 200Ah = 4800 watt hours

    12V @ 400Ah = 4800 watt hours

    except that in the 12v system, more power is lost in resistance in the wires, That's why the power company's ship power cross country on 50,000V high tension lines, less loss. They convert it in the local neighborhood, and finally on the pole in your back yard
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