Soldering 101 FYI

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There are 8 videos in total that I have used to help apprentices. Most are (& like myself) go back and refresh. Gent from Xemodex asked me for the link last week while on course.Thought it couldn't hurt here.

This is one of eight

This is only for helping , not saying anyone is either side of the fence.


Edit add , Forgot to add my low heat soldering station : Attachment not found.
It's a Aoyue 2702A+ SMD Profesional Repair & Rework Station
Amazone has them 2hund, but I bought mine from a electronic supplier years ago, with a lot of the extras options .
High heat/mass is not as fancy.

Repair , De-soldering type


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    Re: Soldering 101 FYI

    Love your soldering station!
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    Re: Soldering 101 FYI

    Thanks for the link. I suck at soldering and could use some education! Watched the first one - love the retro educational film style. Brings back memories of Junior high science class.
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    Re: Soldering 101 FYI

    Same As Myself MTdoc.
    I use Pico scopes , but the Basics must always be followed.
    Pico scope is a computer based Oscilloscope.(answered from a PM)
    The above Utube was from an early / older CAN signal. 2010 and later are much quicker.
    I still have an underground supply on 63/37 to repair bad solder joints from the (RoHS) type of failures.


    Glad the post was taken the correct way.
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    Re: Soldering 101 FYI

    OMG it's not metallic hot melt glue ?
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