HIT Sets 21.4% Efficiency Solar Cell Record

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Thanks to researchers at EPFL`s Institute of Microengineering in Neuchatel, Switzerland, a new world record efficiency of 21.4% has been set for solar cells. This feat was done with HIT solar cells (heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer), and is by far the highest conversion efficiency ever achieved with the substrates that were used. These types of solar cells basically combine the best of monocrystalline and amorphous silicon. The team has...

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  • inetdog
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    Re: HIT Sets 21.4% Efficiency Solar Cell Record

    Predicting that the technology will be usable to produce panels at roughly $.50 per watt in five years. ($100 for a 1 square-meter panel).
    SMA SB 3000, old BP panels.
  • mtdoc
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    Re: HIT Sets 21.4% Efficiency Solar Cell Record

    50 cents per watt would be something - we'll see. The article makes it sound like this is a quantum leap in technology and still "years away from getting to market. I'm not sure what the breakthrough is since HIT panels have been available for a while with only slightly less efficiency. Is it that the material cost will be much less using p-doped silicon?

    I've been pretty happy with my Sanyo HIT225s. The cell efficiency is 20.2% which allowed me to fit 1800 watts on a smaller, less expensive Wattsun tracker. Now that I have a second array - I appreciate them more. In full sun they typically put out 85-90% of their STC rating versus about 80% for my Evergreen panels. On the other hand I paid almost 4 times as much per watt for them..:roll:
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    Re: HIT Sets 21.4% Efficiency Solar Cell Record

    in my opinion getting the effciency up and the size down would be the best thing to make solar more attractive

    people just don't have room to put 40 panels on their roof.