Upgrade from Xantrex SW 4048, SW Plus 4048

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Hello all,

These Xantrex SWs are very noisy and are right beneath the master bedroom. They are in a concrete basement on a concrete outside wall facing in, and sit 2 feet from 16 Surrette 6 V. batties. 15KW dielsel backup, 12 Solar panels.

First question. I cannot move these, and muffling their sound would not be easy unless I can somehow wrap the room in wooly something that absorbs all sound so it doesn't travel through the floor. How much airflow around these things is necessary, I have read all the suggestions to move them to an outside shed, rubber bolts on the wall...

But really, they are pretty old 2004, and they are two rather than one, which would solve other problems. So, have at it, recommendations for what to replace them with (obviously something quieter!), and sound proofing for the interim? Thanks for any help!


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    Re: Upgrade from Xantrex SW 4048, SW Plus 4048

    Do you need the 8000watts and 220?

    We're a pretty frugal bunch, I would try some dampiner for car fire wall behind them and a big box made frome 2" 'blue board insulation first. replacment will be in the $3500+ range (2 ms4448pae's)
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    Re: Upgrade from Xantrex SW 4048, SW Plus 4048

    Could the problem be that they are mounted to a concrete wall? Our dual SW+ 4024's are mounted to an inside wall in our utility room, and on the other side of that wall is the kitchen. We have never been able to hear the inverters running in the kitchen, even at full load when they buzz the loudest. The wall is just a 6" stud wall with insulation in it - sheet rock on the kitchen wall and plywood on the utility room wall. The inverters are lag screwed to 2x4 stringers that were screwed to the studs thru the plywood wall for extra strength to hang them there (those inverters are HEAVY).

    Maybe try putting up a free standing wood wall that's not connected to the floor and mount the inverters on that.
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    Re: Upgrade from Xantrex SW 4048, SW Plus 4048

    Sound proof with quiet rock dry wall. That and some Marine engine room foam and good design. An XW will make less noise with the toroid transformer but big inverters all buzz when loaded.
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