Deep well water pump...

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Hi guys,

I'm constructing a 720 sqft cabin in upstate NY. I'm thinking on Solar, and may later add a wind turbine. My question is:

with a 2.5KW inverter can I run a deep well water pump (115v, 10GPM, 1100W continous)?? I'm thinking on initiatlly 4 230W panels and 4 batteries. Also, i'm installing a separate switch to the pump to start it only when needed, oh, I forgot to mention a 200 galon press tank... I already have the well and want to hook up the water at least with a generator for now at least until i get the system together...

PS: The well is 163 feet deep, static is right at 20 feet



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    Re: Deep well water pump...
    Oscar13601 wrote: »
    My question is:

    with a 2.5KW inverter can I run a deep well water pump (115v, 10GPM, 1100W continuous)??
    Depends on the inverter. First, it will have to be a pure sine inverter, as the modified square wave units will stress the motor and cause it to consume up to 20% more power than it was designed for.
    Second, some inverters will have very poor surge ratings and not be able to start the pump. Others of the same wattage will have no problems at all.
    As to running it continuously, that will depend on the power source supplying you're batteries. Obviously 800 watts of PV that receive perhaps an average of 4 hours full sun per day will not supply anywhere near the required power required to run it continuously, and unless you're 4 batteries are huge industrial batteries, there's no way they could sustain such a load overnight. You'd be looking at over 25 KWH per 24 hour day just to run the pump. The panels might provide an average of 2.5 Kwh/day. 1/10 the required power.
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    Re: Deep well water pump...

    What does such a small building need so much water for?

    For domestic water, consist a smaller, slower pump, if all you are servicing is domestic use. Even a 12 or 24 vdc submersible would pump just fine, especially with static level of 20'.

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    Re: Deep well water pump...

    I'm intended to install a swith to start the pump as needed to fill the 200 galon Press tank (Not in automatic mode). I'm thinking starting the pump maybe once or in a worse case twice a day, depending on the demand. I was looking into the Magnum 4000W 120/220V inverter for the purpose of the submersible pump and the hose demand. What do you guys sugest?

    PS: This is the first time i'm dealing with a well. But what I've read is that the pump has to be at least 5 feet from the bottom for better
    results (water)

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    Re: Deep well water pump...

    I agree with the thought for a smaller, slower pump.

    I run a 1/2 hp pump @ 240VAC, 160' lift. The inverter logs 1KW while running. I have no idea what the starting surge is.

    A 48Vdc system will be much better for starting power, since it uses 50% less amps on the DC side.

    If you are ever thinking of growing the power system, make the jump to 48V. I don't know anyone who has regretted it.
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