New Member and Solar Structures

Wanted to say "Hello" to the members here and get to know you.

I'm co-founder of the Eco Investment Club. We educate regarding green and sustainable construction methods, trends, and eco progress. We are ALWAYS eager to get to know people just like all of you that are involved in environmentally sound methods to make our world a better place.

I personally lead the new EIC Chapter in Los Angeles and also have the privilege to be associated with Envision Solar in La Jolla, the Kyocera backed company that developed the first Solar Grove Parking Structure..

They have a couple of solar structures in the works, known as LifePort and LifePod, both equipped with PV modules to generate a range of power options.

We get to meet many green and sustainable leaders in our work with the club, and are happy to bring attention to any individuals and companies that are making a difference with Solar Energy and Sustainable Building methods. Know anyone?

I've helped build rammed earth homes at the Lemuria gravel pit project in Taos in the late 90's and understand the basics of solar, but I am still very much a newbie with much of this technology.

I'm actually seeking a solar energy specialist to write for the LA Chapter, so if you are interested in a little publicity for what you do, talk to me about contributing some articles.

Not selling anything... this is not a post to solicit anything other than a mutual handshake and to get to know your group here.

Thanks for hosting this forum.


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    Re: New Member and Solar Structures

    I'm here in LA too, but what would the "writing" be about ? general topic of Solar PV & Heating?

    Mike "I'm an Engineer, not a script writer" (in a Dr. Leonard McCoy tone)
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    Re: New Member and Solar Structures
    mike90045 wrote: »
    I'm here in LA too, but what would the "writing" be about ? general topic of Solar PV & Heating?

    Mike "I'm an Engineer, not a script writer" (in a Dr. Leonard McCoy tone)

    General Solar Topics, tips, tricks, trends, etc..

    Anyone that contributes an article will get their editing done on it by a pro, so it will read well.

    There are so many affordable possibilities for solar and we want people to know about them. The two products I mentioned in my initial post are on the high end and can be out of reach, however I suspect there are many alternatives for solar on a tighter budget.

    Thanks Mike - Connect with me sometime, would enjoy meeting you.

    Next meeting we have in LA I will invite you, and others in the area that have interest. We also have a large presence in San Diego and NYC.