Disposing of mounting hardware

I just finished a PV system installation on my home, and helped a friend do the same. Between us we have a lot of mounting hardware left over. Does anyone know of a place where we can sell or donate this stuff? I hate to just throw it out.

PS: I'm new to this board and I searched before asking. Please don't flame me if the answer is common knowledge.

PPS: Apologies for originally posting to the wrong board section. Technology and me don't get on so well.


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    Re: Disposing of mounting hardware

    See if the dealer that oversold you will buy some back, or let you sell to another job?


    Have a good description of the stuff, so folks really know what you have.
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    Re: Disposing of mounting hardware

    if you wish to sell or give away your extra pieces you may do so here in the sticky placed in energy use and conservation titled 'seconds for sale'.
    i caution you that if it is of a business venture in trying to take advantage of our sponsor that it will be deleted. individuals not in the business of solar are free to sell their stuff here though.