Magnum inverter

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People say the Magnum is good in part because of the price and the battery charger onboard.... does their charger make it unnecessary to have a charge controller..????


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    Re: Magnum inverter

    Generally inverter + charger is an AC battery charger. It does take the place of a solar DC battery charger.

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    Re: Magnum inverter

    If you have PV input, you will need a Charge Controller.

    The Magnum on board charger that runs from the grid or generator is well-regarded. One of the reasons for this regard is because it is Power-Factor corrected. This is more kind to a generator, making better use of its output capability

    I have no experience with Magnum, but a number of members here use them.

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    Re: Magnum inverter

    as was basically said the charger is for the 120vac input power and not a dc input from pvs. controllers normally address a dc input voltage usually from a renewable power source.
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    Re: Magnum inverter

    I just bought one last week. Manual shows that you can supply it with either 120 or 240 v. I understand that you can charge with 120 and get 220 out if read the manual right. :Dsolarvic:D Ps I will have more questions. Ordered a classic 150 yesterday.
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