150V wind turbine motor

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I wonder if I can use a 150VDC PM wind turbine motor on 12V or 24V battery bank without harming the battery? Thanks for the feedback.


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    Re: 150V wind turbine motor

    You can... Assuming the battery is capable of absorbing the current (i.e., battery is around 8-20x the current output of the motor--I.e., a 10 amp motor * 10 would be a 100 AH battery bank) and you have a diversion/dump charge controller that turns on a dump load (typically a resistance heater) to keep the battery from over charging.

    One issue with running a high voltage PWM motor at 1/10th its output voltage is that you also get 1/10th the capable power of the motor (i.e., 10a*150v=1,500watts vs 10a*15v=150watts).

    If you want to make a DIY wind turbine, there is lots of information and a forum over here:


    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: 150V wind turbine motor

    I run 180 volt PMDC motors for 12 volt charging,these are 1725 rpm 8amp motors and do a good job.
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    Re: 150V wind turbine motor

    Thanks for the info. 8)
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