Recharging Crystal Cold Cooling Units

Hi, folks--Don't know where to put this, but it's a legitimate question for off-gridders. I replaced the cooling unit in our Crystal Cold fridge this last spring; and an identical unit is now out on our Crystal Cold freezer. I'd like to get the uninstalled unit recharged or reconditioned, but can't find any place west of the Rockies and north of Arizona that does this. Any leads? Thanks for relocating me if this isn't an appropriate question for the forum--even if it's relocating me "off site."


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    Re: Recharging Crystal Cold Cooling Units

    shouldn't they have a sticker on the unit with the refrigerant type and size ? Even a Kia has that for air conditioning.
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    Re: Recharging Crystal Cold Cooling Units

    West of the Rockies this is the best place! They have fixed the units and they stay fixed. There was a manufacturing defect that plagued Crystal for a few years. I have been told that the failures will not happen again on this very reliable product. Good Luck
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