Controller for 550pw panel

I am going to try a pile of broken cells that still output at 550 peak watts.
If that is a 12 volt grid (?) will a 30a controller work?


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    Re: Controller for 550pw panel

    Typically, a 12 volt PWM controller operates with Vmp~17.5 volts.
    • Amp=Power/Voltage= 550 watts / 17.5 volts = 31.4 amps
    Technically, it exceeds the output current of a 30 PWM controller. You would need to check the controller manual for their specific limits.

    If this is a true MPPT controller, then it would regulate to ~30 amp maximum (safely).

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    Re: Controller for 550pw panel

    Thank you so much and as I expected - it's getting expensive
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